Vinyl Repair

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Vinyl Repair - Affordable Prices

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Replacing your automotive or residential vinyl can be very expensive. You can avoid this cost with professional vinyl repair from Dragonfly Leather Repair – experts in leather and vinyl repair and restoration for automobiles and home furnishings.

Repairing automotive and residential vinyl can help our environment by reducing the alternative: replacement.

Automotive Vinyl Repair

Existing damage is unnoticeable after vinyl repair by Dragonfly Leather Repair’s skilled and experienced professionals. We can complete most services at your home or office for your convenience.

We can repair scuffs and scratches, burn marks, fading due to sun, stains, and cuts or tears. Make your car, truck, recreational vehicle or boat seats look new again with affordable vinyl repair by Dragonfly Leather Repair.

Marine services included repair or replacement of vinyl cushions.

Residential Vinyl Repair

There are numerous vinyl products within your home that can be easily damaged. A simple and affordable repair can bring the beauty back to vinyl floors, furniture, and more. For very small repairs you can find easy solutions at your local hardware store, but you should trust a professional for larger jobs. Keep in mind that adhesives sold to the public are not as strong or long-lasting as professional grade adhesives.

Dragonfly Leather Repair is skilled, dependable, fair and honest. If your repair can be easily done without expert help, we will tell you, and even recommend a home store product. But when you need detailed assistance from a professional, you can trust Dragonfly Leather Repair to provide excellent quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and a fair price that you can trust.

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